Cabal – imaginary vers. (the past war Chapter 1)

Title              : Cabal – Imaginary vers. (The Past War ch-1)

Genre            : AU, Adventure

Author          : Andrianto Kresna Aditya

Cast              :

Park Jungsoo / Leeteuk Super Junior as Leeteuk

Song Qian / Victoria Song F(x) as Victoria

Andrian K. as K.J.G.

Cho Kyuhyun Super Junior as Marcus Everion / Sirius Sage

Veradrix Sage

Rating           : G to PG-15

Length          : Single Shoot / Chaptered (every chapter have different story line)

A/N              : This is a fantasy Adv. parental guidance is needed for underage readers ^_^ please note that everything that occur in this fict is only my imagination, and doesn’t have any relation with the real world / reality.

Disclaimer    : This Fict is MINE! And for the cast, there’s many of them is my imagination, in other hand, my own creation ^_^

Language      : English

Nervareth, 1970

Desert Scream.

The scout of the Colony is reporting that outside the city, the Demon Clan is already prepared to start the Battle to throw the world into the darkness, wiping out the pure holy side of human and replace them with the evil side.

            The Sage Circle1 is calling out every general of the three Colony to give them order to war.

Inside the Tower of Sage

“Sirius, I inform you that our scout has been involved on a battle with the Demon Clan on the border between Desert Scream And Forgotten Ruin”, Veradrix Sage spoken with a Power of Calmness inside him. His statement bring a horror to the Sage Circle except Sirius Sage and himself.

“ Is that so? If it is the truth, I , Klaissix2 Marcus Everion, As The Sirius Sage and as the  Leader of Guardian Sword, Hereby ordering all the three Collidieer3 of Each Colony to Gather at the Guardian’s Main Hall! “,Sirius Sage Yelled with His Power of Command.

After hearing that order, Veradrix Sage, Riddle Sage, and Euxatons Sage, as the mayor of each colony, ordering their messenger to inform the Collidieer to gather on the Guardian’s Main Hall.

Guardian’s Main Hall

“ Hmm, it seems that I am the first one to come here, so where is Victoria and the hidden Collidieer is now ?”, one of the called Collidieer is grumbling when seeing that he’s the only one that have already come to the hall.

“ No no, you’re not the first one Collidieer Leeteuk, or I must call you, the Icy Defender of the Colony of Ice? I’m the first one.”, Said a Female Voice.

“Ah… I see, so that’s the ability of yours. hidden among the shadow, most skilled assassin of the Colony of the Dessert. The killer Beauty, Collidieer Victoria” the man that called collidieer Leeteuk raise his voice to answer the statemen of a Collidieer called female named Victoria.

“ Ahahahah, don’t be so cold hearted like that Teukkie, We’re raised in a same colony you remember? from the Colony of Rain. Is it because of the colony you serve that you are changed this much my friend?? ”

“ Hey, you’re the one that starting to use the formal intro to me Vic. Don’t blame me if I used my formal voice. hahahaha… ”

“ Yeah, I know that. I’m just testing you. Don’t you miss me after a couple of year you serve the Bloody Ice??”

“ Of course I miss you Vic, but…”

“ But what ?”


            “ But there’s something out there that didn’t permit me to have a feeling like that to anyone.”


            “ What do you mean?? Is it your duty as Collidieer of Bloody Ice?? The Colony above the ice ?”


            “ Yeah.. I’ve been entrusted to have no heart to be a Collidieer there. so, what can I do then ?”


            A strange voice growl out loud at that hall, recalling a vouce of laugh from nowhere. “ Hahahaha, it seem’s that you two is having an tragic nostalgia. Am I disturb you, Collidieer  Jung So, Collidieer Victoria ?” Said a Coldly-soft woman voice from all of the ceiling that surrounded the hall. the two Collidieer that already going on a conversation stopped and turn their back side by side, listening to the real source of the voice, and prepared to use their hidden skill if they think that the one who have the voice is an enemy of their.


            “ No need to take me seriously partner..”, sounded from the hugest pillar of the hall, a man that own the voice is moving out of a hidden door, “ Greetings,  I am K.J.G. , nice to see you two. I am the Collidieer of Colony under the Rain, Green Despair.”


            “ Is that so ?”, ask Leeteuk, “Could you prove it ?” he continued to ask.


            “ How must I prove it ?” The one who saying that he is one of Collidieer asked back, and his question is just making Leeteuk’s anger grown higher.


            “ Beat me in a battle! GRAAHH! SHIELD SPLINTER! ” #Leeteuk’s voice echoing inside the hall, the explosion that his shield made has destroyed everything in front of him, but something shocked him when the mist of dust disappeared.


            “ What ?! How Could this possibly happen?? ” Said Leeteuk in a trembling voice.


            “ Is that all ? now take this, INFERNAL STIGMA!” the voice of the unknown man roaring through the gale of wind. His sword circling on an empty air, making a hole of darkness, creationg a huge amount of dark neutron that strike through every dead thing.


            “ AARRRGHHH!!! My Astral Shield!!! ” , Leeteuk’s voice roaring in rage when he saw his astral shield shattered into cystal of dust when meet in contact with the darkness gale of Infernal Stigma.


            “ Is that S.I.G Metal Astral Shield Crystal ? I’m sorry if I broke it.. hahahaha.. I have to tell you, there’s no metal that could stand after my infernal stigma. ” , K.J.G said it with an evil grind on his lips.


            “ But I’m not sure you could handle my crystal Arrow. ” , Victoria Said with immense coldness , “ SHOOTING STAR!! ” , yell Victoria, then an enormous meteor rain emerge from the arrow that she shot toward the sky, aiming to K.J.G.


            “ Hmm.. It seems that I couldn’t avoid any crashes now.. SEAL of DAMNATION !!! ” K.J.G use his ultimate blow to repel the attact of victoria’s Shooting Star Attact.


            The seal of The Gate of Hell broken at the time K.J.G’s sowrd touch the earth, Conjuring an enormous abyss that aiming to every chunk of the meteor from the sky that summoned by Victoria.



Yeehaaa.. inilah remake cabal yang sempat hilang.. agak aneh memang.. tapi sekarang saya hendak mencertitakan dulu history cabal sebelum adanya Ultimate wars yang tokohnya adalah SHINee.. heheh :p untuk saat ini tidak akan ada tokoh SHINee yang keluar.. :p dan untuk Kim Sera, nanti yah munculnya.. sementara saya buat versi bahasa inggris karena ini akan di masukan ke… RnR please J


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