[Drabble/English] Connected

Title: Connected

Length: Drabble

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Marcus Cho/ Dee (OC)

Language:  English


IMPORTANT: This content is unrelated to Choi Chronicles. I’m just borrowing the names. Thanks!


Dee is not in a good mood today. She decides to go outside her room, looking for some fresh air. It’s uncomfortable being alone at night in this mansion and doing nothing. Jules is not at home, there’s no one to tease at of course. (Kekeke!)
Dee feels thirsty,so she goes right to the kitchen and makes herself a cup of coffee. She sits on one of the white chairs, and finds a newspaper, Sunday evening newspaper on the kitchen table.

Dennis oppa must hv forgotten to put it back on shelf after reading it. Dee’s fingers,flip through pages full of adverts. One of the adverts shows an actor as a secret agent, using a cellphone as his weapon.
It brings her memory of last week’s event. It was quite challenging and full of excitement. Somewhat dangerous. She quickly makes ‘gun look a like’ gesture,and pretends to shoot. Bang!
Someone is approaching. Dee knows who he is, and her heart goes dugeun,dugeun~ Cause he looks totally…different.

“Hi Noona!” There he goes…
“Dee Noona, gwenchana?”
“Oh,hi! Were you staying at your room through all this time?”
“No,I’ve just arrived.I went out”. He takes a big bottle out from fridge. Chocolate Milk.

“You’re alone?”
“Err…. yeah, Jules is going out with You Know Who. He he.”
“Hahaha.Sounds like Voldemort :D. Do you want some?”
“No,it’s all yours. I had mine already”. Dee points at her half empty cup, then gets up from her seat.
“Where are you going?”
“Upstairs. I think it’s late though. Do you mind?” Please say something,please…
And he hesitates for moment or two, but in the end…he says nothing much.
“It’s okay..Bye Noona. See you :)”
“See you…”

Dee regrets it. Upset with herself. If she could turn back time, she should’ve stayed, and tells him that he looks great. Gorgeus. they always have things to talk about. Why? Is that so hard for her?Just when she’s about to reaches the final step, she feels his bare arms wraps around her shoulder and hugs her tight. Marc….

‘I know what you’re thinking’
His cheek touches hers.
‘I’m doing this for you,you know. Do you like it?’
‘Really? I love what you’ve done. This won’t be your first and your last right?’. Dee smiles, while holding his hand.
‘I promise,it won’t. There are still lot of things that I wanna do for you. With you’
‘Let us enjoy this moment. Hold me tight. Don’t ever let me go. let me stay by your side.’.

A soft peck lands on her right cheek,seals the invisible bond between them. Their hearts are connected….

Gyaa! I know this is cheesy,and total mess. Jst don’t laugh at me,would you?:p I miss Marc, my only Marc hahahaha





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